Mantra Heart Chakra Necklace | Sterling Silver

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This beautiful Heart Chakra necklace encourages us to be open and available to new experiences and new opportunities. It also asks us to let go of our expectations of what an experience will bring, as this is what can lead to disappointment and hurt.

The Heart Chakra, or Anahata in Sanskrit, is the energy centre that sits in the centre of the chest. It symbolises love, compassion, empathy and openness, and encourages connection and relationships.

Using the Heart Chakra as the design helps bring to life the mantra, ‘I open my heart to new experiences, without expectation’, encouraging us to live our lives in an open-hearted way.

The message to embrace experiences without expectation is particularly important, because it is the expectations which we attach to future events which leads to disappointment or frustration. The more relaxed we are about the outcome, and the more curious we are about what might happen, rather than banking on what we expect to happen, the more likely we are to enjoy the experience.

This is one of our Symbol Necklaces, designed to bring the mantra to life in a more subtle and secret way than one of our word pieces. Hold onto the Chakra through the day and bring the mantra to mind, whenever you need a reminder to be more open and positive.


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