Tylers Centenary 1922-2022

Celebrating Three Generations of Tyler`s at Tylers Department Store 1922 - 2022.





The Beginning


Chas W Tyler Tylers Department Store                         


Tylers Department Store, Fred Tyler

In 1922 Charles Tyler and his brother Fred started a small hardware and ironmongers store in the Derby Square area of Loughborough, Leicestershire. The store was an instant success and quickly developed a reputation for quality goods that were reasonably priced. Over the course of the next thirty years the store went from strength to strength. It was over this time that Charles and Fred’s children became involved in the business.


First to join was Charles’ son Tom in 1930 and between 1945 and 1953 all of Fred’s sons joined the business. John, Brian 'Tim' and Noel made Tylers a true family business and allowed the original founders to retire and leave the business in the capable hands of the next generation of Tylers.

Second Generation


In 1975 Tylers moved from Derby Square, relocating in the Carillon Court Shopping Centre in the centre of Loughborough. The move gave Tylers a much bigger store and allowed the company to branch out into new areas. Because the store was so much bigger, the current Tylers team introduced the third generation of family into the business.

 The Third Generation

Throughout the 1980’s three new Tylers, Mike, Steve and Mat, joined the company and between them they have maintained the values of the original family founders , while constantly re-developing the business to remain current and relevant.

Steve Tyler

Steve Tyler

Matthew Tyler

Mat Tyler

Mike Tyler


A trusted landmark in the town of Loughborough, Tylers Department Store is a unique family run and owned store, which has developed over the past 100 years. From it’s early beginnings as a traditional hardware store, to the existing luxury department store, the third generation of Tylers, Steve, Mike and Mat have successfully created a beautiful store, that provides complete home solutions and luxurious giftware, jewellery, women's fashion and of course Tylers Café, whilst staying true to their grandfathers and great uncles vision, where quality and service remain at the forefront of every decision made.
I am sure Charles and Fred would be extremely happy with the store, 100 years on, that Mat, Mike and Steve have turned it into.