Collection: Nomination Italy

In Latin, 'To Name' is 'Nomination'. That's how the brand name for Nomination's bracelets and charms emerged.
The founder of Nomination, Paolo Gensini, and his creative and ingenious intuition led to the creation of Composable, a collection featuring an Italian stainless steel modular bracelet you can personalise made of stainless steel and adorned with real gold, rose gold, or sterling silver. 
It uses an ingenious spring mechanism to attach handcrafted letters, numbers, and other decorations. With these charms, you can spell out your name, age, or date on a shining base bracelet, and have colourful designs to brighten it up. It is this range that represents the very essence of the Italian company.
In the beginning, there was a small selection of 18Kt yellow gold links which were later crafted into intricate bracelet charms in both simple and complex designs.
The advent of the Composable has ignited innovation within the goldsmith market and represents the future of the industry. Stainless steel jewellery, which is becoming quite popular as a fashion accessory at an affordable price, has been recognised for the very first time. 
Nomination Italy