Hudson 3 Medium Cube

Hudson 3 Medium Cube

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We offer 4 sizes in the Hudson 3 Cube line – Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Each of these small glass vases for flowers has a small hole approximately half an inch is diameter perfect for holding one single stem.

The four available sizes allow the Hudson 3 Cubes to be quintessential glass wedding vases. By clustering a large handful of the different heights together you can create a stunning centrepiece with staggering heights.

Another use for the Hudson 3 Cubes as glass wedding vases is to place a solitary cube at every plate for a take away party favor.

The Hudson 3 Cubes are also unique containers for building a miniature aerium out of moss and air plants. Simply squish through the hole an itty bitty air plant and some preserved moss, maybe a bit of lichen and bark if you want to be fancy, set it all in place with a chop stick and voila, you’ve created your own mini garden for your desk at work.

The Small Cube is 2.5" long/wide, 2" tall.

The Medium Cube is 2.5" long/wide, 4" tall.

The Large Cube is 2.5" long/wide, tall.

The Extra Large Cube is 2.5" long/wide, 8" tall.

Flowers and Plants We Love in this Vase: Freebies, Gerbers, Calla Lily, Craspedia, Bouvardia, Dubium, Ionantha, Bergeri, Jancea, Albertiana