We are so pleased to be able to welcome you in store again. We are still offering a Click & Collect service on our website. Not all items are on our website please call 01509 212560 or email info@tylers.co.uk for any further information. Free delivery on all items over £30. T&C's Apply

Tylers Gift Card

TYLERS Gift Card FAQ's

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What is the TYLERS Gift Card and where can I purchase one?

The gift card is a top-upable, pre-paid card that gives customers a quick and convenient way to pay at TYLERS. Gift Cards also make perfect gifts for any special occasion, and are a great idea for college students. The TYLERS gift card is available in store.

How do I activate my TYLERS Gift Card?

Gift cards can be initially activated for any value from £5-£500. They can be purchased in-store using your debit or credit card or cash. After payment is complete, your card will be activated and you will receive an activation receipt as proof of payment.

Where can I use my card?

Throughout our TYLERS department store including TYLERS Cafe.

How do I use my card?

TYLERS have a card reader at every register. Simply give your card to the sales person. The cost of your purchases will be automatically deducted from your card's balance. Your remaining balance is printed on your receipt.

How do I check my remaining balance or recent purchases?

There are two ways to check the balance remaining on your card:
1. Check your receipt after any purchase. Your balance should be printed each time you use your card.
2. Check on-line at www.tylersfurnishings.com
To check the balance online, you will need access to the card number on the back of the card.

Why was my transaction denied?

Typically this means there is no money left on the card. However, there may be a temporary disruption in the store's communication line that prevents the authorization of your card. You can check your card's remaining balance one of the two ways listed above. TYLERS is not able to honour a card that cannot be processed.

Why is my balance different than I thought?

It's possible that you've forgotten a purchase. You can check your card's remaining balance one of the two ways listed above.

How do I replace a lost, stolen or damaged card?

If you have registered your card online, then you can request a replacement for a lost, stolen or damaged or unreadable card from the same website at www.tylersfurnishings.com. If you have not registered online, we are not able to replace your card.

How do I top-up my card?

Go to TYLERS department store and purchase any amount between £5 and £500. The maximum value for a card balance is £500.

Do Gift Cards expire?

TYLERS gift cards expire after 24 months of inactivity and any balance on the card will be lost and is non refundable.

Will Gift Cards be pre-activated?

Gift Cards sold in TYLERS have no value until activated, which is done at the time of purchase.

Can I redeem more than one card at a time?

Yes. You can also combine the use of gift cards with cash and credit/debit cards for payment of your purchase.

Will TYLERS Gift Cards replace gift vouchers?

Yes. TYLERS has discontinued the sale of gift vouchers. However, we will continue to honour gift vouchers indefinitely.

Whom do I contact with other questions?

Please call TYLERS on 01509 212560 or email info@tylersfurnishings.com