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Small Business Saturday UK is a non-profit organisation that is vital to small independent businesses such as ours . I was honoured to be invited to the House Of Lords by Small Business Saturday UK, to represent Tylers Department Store Loughborough as we have been chosen as one of the Small Biz 100 for 2018. 

House Of Lords Small Business Saturday Tylers Department Store

Inspiring speeches were given by Greg Clark MP Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Rt. Hon Lord Young Of Graffham, who was Secretary of State for Employment betwen 1985 and 1987, and Secretary of State for Trade and Industry between 1987 and 1989.

Michelle Ovens MBE Small Business Saturday Tylers Department Store

Michelle Ovens MBE , Director of Small Business Saturday UK gave an impassioned and uplifting speech to the over 100 representatives of each of the Small Biz 100 businesses , that were chosen in 2018. The emphasis was, that in spite of the internet and online retail , we all still have the need to connect on a human level. That small independent businesses such as Tylers, are able to have direct connection and personal interaction with our customers on a regular basis, and are able to take care of their needs in a speedy fashion. Something that is not so easily done via the internet or indeed large chain stores.

I myself , find large chain stores quite impersonal, and although prices may be cheaper , I ask myself at what cost? When you are looking for help to find a particular item or wonder if more will be coming into stock, its almost impossible to find a staff member ,and if you do they would probably not be able to answer as readily as a staff member in a smaller independent business. We all like the personal touch and to connect and communicate , it is what makes a community a community.

Katie Loxton Small Business Saturday Tylers Department Store

As part of Small Business Saturday , we will be working with fellow small business  Katie Loxton on an event instore , where customers can have their purchase personalised. As we are in the Christmas spirit, we will also be serving homemade mince pies from Tylers Cafe and lashings of mulled wine to warm up our valued customers. We will be bringing our our SPIN TO WIN Wheel Of Fortune and have some lovely prizes for customers that spend £50 or more.

All in all Saturday December 1st, Small Business Saturday UK , is a day to celebrate , connect, communicate  and most of all enjoy your local towns and villages. Enjoy shopping year round in your local stores. After all if we don't use them we will lose them... 

Small Business Saturday December 1st 2018 Tylers Department Store Loughborough

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