Due to the perplexity of the discount involved with the 123 Furniture Sale, all discounts will be able to be added to furniture sales remotely by calling 01509 212560 (Option 1) or email (info@tylers.co.uk) or by visiting us in store. In both instances our helpful staff will help you finalise your sale.

Mary Portas Visits Tylers Department Store

Mary Portas Visits Tylers Department Store

It's an oldie but goodie - the visit and review that is - not Mary Portas ! 

Mary Portas Tylers Department Store


 In my consultancy job, I talk to my clients about a brand’s body language. It doesn’t matter what you say in your advertising if the intrinsic messaging and energy of a brand and its shops doesn’t say the same thing. The body language of Tylers is charming, warm and very friendly. 

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